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Organizing Time

It seems like all of my posts are centered around all of the cliche New Year’s Resolutions. I promise I didn’t plan them out this way! The new year represents a clean slate. I wanted to share some of my strategies for organizing my time. *disclaimer: this post is more for me. I need to get back to doing this daily!*

Before I had my two youngest kids I worked out of the home. I still work in insurance, just much less and from home. While I was in the office I had my system. I love love love love love notebooks. I would write everything down. Each night before I would leave I would write my to-do list for the next day. Always written on a new page in the notebook. As the day went on I would add things to do and notes about what I spoke to someone about. It was fantastic.

Staying home I have been implementing that same system in a slightly different way. I find that I still have immense satisfaction in crossing things off of my list. I still have a notebook to jot down notes for different things, I just don’t fill it out nightly.

My favorite planner that I have found is the Happy Planner. I love the layout of monthly and then weekly behind it. The weekly pages are separated in to 3 parts for each day. I use it as “morning” “afternoon” “evening”. So I write down what things I need to do in the proper section of the day. I even have notebook pages that I can add to sections of my planner to add to-do lists.

I also have a calendar that I picked up at the Target Dollar Spot. It is just a monthly calendar. But I use this to plan out my meals for the month. I cross them off as we eat them. I allow flexibility in the meals because sometimes life happens and we need grilled cheese and soup one night rather than the night I “planned” it for. However, I am pretty good at sticking to the schedule.

In my kitchen we have the best calendar in the world. It is from a cute shop on Etsy called Calendar and Chores. What I love most about this calendar is that each week is moveable, dry erase, and it is bigger than the traditional 4 week calendar. It came with 6 weeks to keep on the magnetic board. I keep the events we have going on and all appointments on the calendar. Everyone in our home can look at it and know if there is something coming up. Scott got this calendar for me for our first Christmas that we were married. It is perfect.

This post contains affiliate links. That means if you click on my link and buy something, I will earn a small commission from the advertiser at no additional cost to you.

I also have my favorite pens. I have found that the having pens you enjoy writing with is super important! My favorite for fun writing are these. They come in a ton of colors and write so smooth. I love a classic black ink pen, blue just doesn’t do it for me. I use these all the time. And for highlighters (how I cross things off my list) I use these.

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