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Oh Twodles

And just like that a year has gone by. Oliver will be TWO on Saturday. I had plans for the FUNNEST birthday party. Right now he is all about Mickey Mouse and he was going to have an “Oh TWODLES” birthday party will all the fixings, hot digity dog bar, mouse ears, giant signs and the cutest cake ever. Alas, the Corona Virus is still lingering on to the world population and we are being responsible at social distancing. We are still going to celebrate, just different.

Oliver is funny. His facial expressions are my most favorite. The way he says “please” and “thank you” melt my heart a million times a day. He isn’t talking as much as Claire was, but I think having all 3 big siblings home talking for him hasn’t been the most helpful! Oliver has the cutest run I ever saw. When we go on walks he will stop to take a little break by laying down on the ground, tuck his hands under his head and deep breathe.

Dear Oliver,

Thank you for being such a joy. Your silly little antics make me laugh a lot. You give the greatest hugs, sweetest kisses and say goodnight to everyone so sweetly. I love watching you do things and wonder what is going on inside your cute head. You say hi to everyone and wave. You love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Frozen movies. I am so grateful you came to be part of our family. As I am writing this you are sitting on the table bench to the side of me. You just leaned across the corner of the table to give me a kiss and I think my heart melted in to a puddle at my feet. I love you sweet boy.

Love, Mom

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