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New Year, New Planner

Over the years my planner needs have changed. I used to just want a simple planner with no daily or weekly add ins. I just wanted the full month and nothing else.

One Christmas my mom gifted me with a Happy Planner and I was so excited. I eagerly filled that planner with all the stickers and happiness it created win my life. I have used a Happy Planner until now.

At Pinners Conference I found a booth that had planners and it was like heaven for me. As I looked around, played with their software to design my own planner and saw all of the pretty covers I fell in love.

The paper is so smooth to write on. The colors of the tabs so bright and happy. I love the way you can put specific pages throughout the planner or just a bunch at the end.

My planner is the 7×9 size. I chose a stripe from the “fun” section for my cover. I simply put the year at the top of my cover, you can put your name but that just didn’t seem what I wanted. For my weekly pages I chose Vertical Columns. I also really like the Vertical Priorities. I might get that next year. Of course I went with the colorful theme for the tabs! You can go with a neutral theme if you so desire.

One thing I loved was being able to choose my start month. I was ordering in December, so I just picked January. You also get to pick the length of the planner from 12-18 months (yep, you can pick 14 months if you want!)

I can’t even get in to all of the add-on options. I will share what I got. I got Blog Planning pages for each month. I also got Reflections pages for each month. And I added on the Social Media bundle. The was it. I wanted to see how I liked those this year. so I can know what I want for next year!

What planner do you love?

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