New Year, New Goals

Now that the New Year is upon us a lot of us are thinking about goals. Something about starting a new year, a new month, a new week, and even a new day gives us the motivation to be better at something.

Have you ever wanted to change something but had no idea where to start?

Me too. You aren’t alone.

When I got remarried over 6 years ago and we found out we were pregnant with our first I worked all the way up until the day before I was induced. That is what filled my time. I worked, came home and did dinner and whatever else I needed to around the house. Once Claire was born I was home all the time with a little baby that only cried. If she was sleeping or eating she wasn’t crying, but any other time and I just didn’t know what to do. My whole life revolved around this. When Claire was nearly two Scott wanted to have one more baby, try for that boy. And boy, I did not want to.

Fast forward. We go to Paris for a magical week, we come home and two weeks later the pregnancy test is positive. Oliver was welcomed that next spring. And I felt totally lost. What did I have for me? Not one thing. I can’t get sewing out because Claire will do something to the machine and it will be broken. I can’t pull out scrapbooking because it will take over the table, and again Claire.