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My Tribe

I have learned over the years that having my people is important. Each of us has our core friendships that are vital to our well being. There are many people who fit in to different roles in our lives right when we need them.

Way back over 10 years ago when I was an army wife and living in Oklahoma I was a single mom for over 15 months. I had a 3 year old and 6 month old when my husband went on deployment. I had my tribe of women from church, from the other army wives to my family. I made a friend shortly after the deployment named Jennifer. She lived just around the corner from me and we started having play dates, doing meals together, holidays together. My friend Laurie from church and I started doing Sunday night dinners together. I started a book club and those ladies became my night out each month to regroup.

Once I moved to Washington I was starting over. I quickly found a group of army wives that buoyed me up. Tammy and I became fast friends. Camille was always constant with her soft voice and even temperament. We have known each other over 10 years now and I wouldn’t change it.

Anjuli, myself, Joanna, & Tammy

Anjuli, Tammy, Myself and Camille

Along with that same move I met Joanna (not an army wife). She saw my Alex wearing his glasses that we had just bought and told me what I could do to fix them. She has become one of my best friends. I would do anything for her. Anjuli came in to my life shortly after Joanna. We have kids the same ages so that helps. Anjuli and I have lived a lot of the same life. We both got divorced. Both were single moms. Both started dating post-divorce. Both got re-married. Both had babies. Our youngest boys are 5 weeks apart.

Joanna and I on my birthday in 2017 in Bellevue, Washington

An oldie of Anjuli, myself and Joanna

This is my tribe. Women I love and will fiercely protect! Since my move to Utah almost 5 years ago (next month will make 5 years!) I have added to my tribe. However, I have felt pretty lonely still. Times have changed and I haven’t had the time that I personally need with friends. It is a busy time in life. I do miss the interaction of women. That brings me to my next point:

On Thursday January 17th (tomorrow) at 7pm is the Mom Tribe meeting! It’s purpose is to reduce isolation, build genuine friendships and foster a sense of self. I am going, and I want to bring all of my momma friends with me! Who wants to join in? It is FREE. This month’s theme is “Learning what Self-Care works for you.”

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