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My Second LIVE Event

You guys. I feel like I am living in a dream. My dreams are coming true each day! A couple of weeks ago I was the event coordinator for my second live event. You can read all about my first one here. This one was amazing to get to do the entire start to finish on.

At the first live event I met Jason and Brigitte of SexyModest. (It helped that I was dressed in their clothing line) They started asking questions about how to pull an event off like that. I introduced them to Chelsey who had actually been the coordinator for their mom’s birthday party in January (THE DAY AFTER she gave birth!). The next thing I knew we were sitting in their living room going over their desires for a live event.

Fast forward a few days and Chelsey and I are in the middle of planning an incredible event and tickets are on sale! Each person who came to the event would be getting a swag bag, a date night to remember and incredible information!

I again got to work with @my.two.cookies and she created the most beautiful cookies I have ever seen. Brigitte loved that they looked EXACTLY like her Swing Dress. We added a cookies to each of the giveaway baskets!

For the giveaway baskets we had Minky Couture blankets, Chef Shamy Garlic Butter, an assortment of Brigitte’s favorite things and the sweetest jewelry from

The day of the event had me pushing a flat with 15 cases (600 bottles) of bottled water through Costco. I just told everyone I was really thirsty. I was a sight, I’m sure!

And just when I thought my van couldn’t hold anything more I arrived at Chelsey’s and we added more!

The event was great! It looked incredible, I heard so many people say that they had an amazing time and can’t wait for the next one! Chelsey and I also had the most amazing volunteers to work with. Several we had worked on other events with and we can’t wait to see them again for another!

Second celebrity event is in the books and it is only going up from here!

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