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My Favorite Drink

The title might be a little misleading. But having a title that is “my favorite drink to start the day” was a little long. It is the new year and I know a lot of people have a goal to be more healthy. I like that we are starting to move away from the “lose 10 pounds” goal and more toward the “be more healthy” goal. This paradigm shift is exactly what I have hoped for. More on taking care of our bodies and fueling them for success.

I love having shakes. I like a good chocolate protein shake with banana, ice and peanut butter. After trying several different brands, I am still on the lookout for a favorite. If you have a suggestion I would love to hear it!

About a year and a half ago I saw a recipe for a shake to help with bloating and digestion. Not that I needed help with it, but it claimed it would help you lose some water weight and bloating. I gave it a try. The first time it was awful. From there I was able to figure out what I could do to make it taste better or at least bearable. I made the shake and then put ice in it to keep it cold and that helped a ton.

After a while I added spinach to the shake. And actually prefer it that way now. It is super simple. The bloat is cut down significantly and you feel better. It is full of good foods to help you rid toxins and helps you feel fuller longer. Are you ready for the recipe?

To me the Fuji apple tastes the best in the shake. I have tried all the kinds and like the flavors combined best. But feel free to try others! You can also substitute kale for the spinach, but I like that spinach doesn’t actually change the flavor that much.

What are you implementing in your life to be healthier this year?

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