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Moving To Two Different Places

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Currently my mom is moving. I detest moving. I have done a ton of moving and it is not enjoyable. The best thing about my mom moving is she is moving to our home! In the next year we will be adding on to our home and creating a mother-in-law apartment for her.

Because the apartment won’t be ready for her by the time she moves to our home she is going to have a lot (the majority of her stuff) in storage and a few things at our home until addition is fully built. Through this process we have learned a lot of things I thought you might find useful!

  1. PURGE

We all collect things throughout life. And we keep things because of their emotional value. When you are getting ready to move, it is the perfect time to go through things with a fine tooth comb. Pack, moving and unpacking clutter is not efficient use of your time and space. Sit down with a friend who can help you look at things outside of your emotional mind. You will find you are able to let go of a lot of things. Some things you can donate to the local second hand shop and others you can sell!


In my many, many moves I have learned to pack one room at a time. That holds true for any packing. Even for vacation, pack one person at a time. I have color coded each room, written a detailed list of what is in each box, laminated and attached to the box. For my mom we have done this so that if she needs to get something it is easy to find in storage! Go in to packing with the end in mind. Think about what will make it easier on the unpacking end for you and do that!

Another thing I use are plastic totes. They are so good for storing things and when moving they all fit together. The lids are made for another tote to be on top of it!


I have forgotten this more times than I can count. Especially when I moved from Washington to Utah. I forgot to keep some essential things easy to find. You know, toilet paper, trash bags, paper plates, napkins and cups. By keeping some essentials out you will have less trips to the store and are able to focus on getting moved and settled.


When I was a military spouse I was spoiled. The military paid for people to come pack us up, move us out and deliver our things to our next home. It was always so easy to have someone else do the work for you. However if you want to save on costs I would get all of your belongings packed, pay someone to come do all the lifting at both ends and save your back! I love what Muscle Man Movers does, they come do all the heavy lifting and you get to relax. Or relax as much as possible with a move. They are one of the best and efficient labor movers in Ogen,Utah and are Better Business Bureau accredited. 


This is a big deal, as you know I am an insurance agent and I always want to educate you on all things that will save you a lot of frustration in the end. Whether you are renting or you own your home you should have insurance that reflects that. And when you are moving keep that policy active because it will keep your belonging covered during the move. That way if something is damaged or lost you can get it replaced!


Something that is not fun for anyone is cleaning after the move. You are leaving the place for someone new to live in whether you have sold a home or are leaving a rental. I think that finding a professional service to come in and clean is worth the expense. You will be able to focus on unpacking and organizing your new home. Doing this with a rental is also great because you can provide the management company or landlord with a copy of your receipt showing you paid for the cleaning to happen.


Moving is hard work. You are allowed to take a break. You are allowed to feed your kids cereal for dinner. You are allowed to cry. Stress comes with any changes in life. Giving yourself grace to lose your cool, cry and eat your weight in chocolate is essential for mental health.

These tips for making your move easier are just the tip of the iceberg. Do you have any tips that would be helpful for others? Leave them in the comments!

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