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Mother's Day Gift Guide

I might be a little late on this bandwagon (which is funny because all week I have been talking about being on time!). Mother's Day is 2 weeks away! Men, listen up. Ladies, if you need to help steer your hubby to this post, just send him the link. And shop for your own mamma.

For me, Mother's Day is more about being with my family than gifts... But gifts are also super appreciated. And also, please don't make me make dinner. I wanted to share a few things that I think will make LOVELY Mother's Day gifts for the mom in your life.

5 Year Journal : I have talked about this Journal before. I use it DAILY. It is perfect for the woman in your life. Each day of the year has 5 spots, for 5 different years. You write the year down, and then you write a short paragraph about your day. I love that I can keep a simple record for my family when I am no longer here. I use it to write things I am grateful for, things we did that day, my emotions toward my life. Whatever I feel like sharing. Each day looks different in mine.

Honey & Ice : I have followed Taunya on Instagram since she started and I have loved each piece she has created. Her jewelry is timeless, has deep meaning and connects to your heart. I love it. If you want a special thing for your mom, this would be amazing.

Maya Brenner : I am late here, the last day to order for Mother's Day was last Monday. However, don't let that deter you. You can even get a card and let her know it is coming. I have been DYING to have one of these for years. My ideal necklace is the 4 letter necklace, in Rose Gold in either 18 or 20 inch length. For each position this is what I would pick: 1. C 2. Pink Tourmaline 3. Diamond 4. A With this set up each person in my family is represented. C for Courtney. Pink Tourmaline for Claire. Diamond for Scott and Oliver and the A for Alex.

What are you hoping for this year?

I also want to let you know, that if you are not a mother (yet) and desire with everything in your heart to become one, you are a mother. To those who trust you with their children. To the children who look to you for comfort. You are a mother in your heart. I see you. I wish I could hug you. This holiday is to celebrate the women in our lives who we hold deep in our heart and love more than anything. If children is not something you are looking for in your life, this is still a day to celebrate you. This day is for women and the incredible job they do at nurturing all they meet.

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