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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

I always get surprised at how fast time goes by at this time of year. Before we know it, Mother’s Day will be here. I don’t know what to buy my Mother In Law. She has everything and always just buys what she wants. I will have to leave her gift up to Scott! But if you need ideas I have you covered!

  1. Pandora Bracelet or Charm: My sister, mom and I all have Pandora bracelets. This year we got matching charms for each other for Mother’s Day.

  2. Perfume: My favorite scent is by Philosophy and it is Amazing Grace Ballet Rose. I got it for my trip to Paris a couple years ago and it has become a favorite. Added bonus, when I wear it I am reminded of that trip and feel so happy.

  3. Honey & Ice Co Necklace: I was introduced to this company from a friend via Instagram. I instantly fell in love with the simple, delicate and feminine style. If you follow her on Instagram you will also learn about why she chooses the metals and about the metal itself. My picks are: Day by Day (so perfect for daily wear), One and Only, DRIP earrings. All of these are going to match anything in your closet. I love her style and simplicity.

  4. A gorgeous blanket: I am totally crushing on Minky blankets as well, they are so soft. They are so perfect to curl up and read a book with. I wouldn’t balk at one ever.

  5. The gift of gorgeous hair: Set the mom up in your life with the ability to get beautiful, healthy hair again. You can set her up as a VIP and get her first system for her. If you have any questions, message me on Instagram or Facebook and I will get you to the right person to help with that!

Also, if you want to always ensure that you get what you want for gifts… Get your husband on Pinterest. Start a board that he has access to and put all of your wishlist things on there. I did a blog post about it here.

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