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Modern & Traditional Christmas Decor

Normally I have a more farmhouse style feel to my holiday decor. This year I went a little outside the box with a little more modern and traditional. I love the more muted tones of farmhouse, but this year it is bold with reds, white and black. I even contemplated doing those bright bold colors of The Grinch.

Since Scott and I got married we have had a live tree. This year, we aren’t doing one. For one, we are in the process of turning the front room in to an office space for both of us. And the kids, I guess. That is where we have set up our tree because of the big front window. It looks so pretty! Instead of doing the live tree, we have two 7 foot pencil trees in the main family room. 3 small trees (5,4, and 3 feet) in the corner of the office and a 6 foot tall tree in the basement play room. Yep. 6 trees. However, the one in the basement isn’t even out of it’s box yet.

I also love nativities. They are so pretty. I have one that I received as a gift about 15 years ago by Jim Shore and it is so perfect to me. I happen to have a little pillow that I made around 16 years ago and it’s so cute to me. Plus various other signs with the nativity on it.

I keep my table decor simple since we do eat at the table and have young kids, but I do like to set the table super fancy for the holiday dinner. (more on that coming soon) I made the C back in 2008 with my dear friend and it is still so fun to have out. She has a matching one at her house.

I am still working on getting the last pieces up to make it magical at our home, having a toddler and a pre-schooler here makes it challenging to keep them from touching everything!

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