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Memorial Day Menu

You guys! It’s almost summer!!!!

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For me Memorial Day means summer. Even if it is a month until the ACTUAL first day of summer. School gets out here right around Memorial Day.

My in-laws have started the most fun tradition for Memorial Day. BREAKFAST! It started just after Oliver was born and it has stuck. Everyone agreed that it was a fun way to start the day and gives us the afternoons to do what we want to.

I happen to be the favorite food maker in the family. And I am totally tooting my own horn. I make a MEAN biscuits and gravy. I quadruple the recipe and never come home with extra. That is 4 pounds of sausage in them. A lot of homemade biscuits and two crockpots to keep it all warm.

In the afternoon I still love to BBQ. If you haven’t tried the Brown Sugar and Burbon marinade from McCormick, I suggest you pick some up! It is by far my favorite. I usually will top my steak with blue cheese and caramelized onions.

Food is the playlist of our lives, I am sure of it. My memories always include a delicious food with the celebration!

I never forget dessert on a holiday. Apple & Cherry pie seem the most appropriately American for celebrating those who have lost their lives serving their country! I love mine warm with ice cream on top.

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