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Meal Planning For Teens

As I am having kids grow up (WAY too fast) and I am needing to teach them basic life things like meal planning. I felt like if they had something they could use to plan it would be easier for everyone. So I created one for them to use.

I am having them do the work for finding the meals they want to cook, reading the recipe to see what ingredients are needed and writing their lists.

Here is how it works:

Page 1: MEALS - 4 weeks to plan meals. They are planning one meal a week, so having 4 weeks planned at a time will be helpful for them. They put the name of the meal they are making for that week.

Page 2: INGREDIENTS - This is where they can list out all the ingredients for each meal in one place. They can take this list and page 3 with them to write the foods down that we have and what we need.

Page 3: FOOD - This is a place to put the food we have for their meals and to write what we will need for that meal. After I do the shopping I will have them go over the receipts to see what the items needed to buy cost and add it next to the item and total up what their meals cost for the month.

Page 4: GROCERY LIST - This is for me. They will transfer the list of food needed for each week of meals they plan. I am doing this so if there are any produce items I need to pick up on my weekly trips I have that easy to read.

Page 5: SEASONAL - I am going to have the kids go through and find the seasonal produce and write their own lists so they can make the connection with recipes if something is possible during the time of year they are wanting to make it.

Page 6: NOTES - This is a place for them to write down notes about meals they make.

I have laminated these pages so we can use wet erase markers each month on them. I love wet erase markers because they can be cleaned off, but don't wipe off like a dry erase marker.

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