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Making Your Event Successful

It takes a lot of planning to have a successful event. And I love what I read by my sweet friend Carly one time. (if you are following along on Instagram, I posted about this recently)

Your event can be anything you want. However there are limits.

  1. Fast

  2. Amazing

  3. Cheap

With the three above for your event in can only be two, but not all three. You can put an event together fast, for little money and have it be amazing. You can have a fast and amazing event, but it will not be cheap. You can have an amazing and cheap event, but it will take time to plan. You can throw together an event super fast for little money, but it will lack in the amazing factor.

You have to decide which of these three is the most important to you. No one else can make that decision.

The number one place I think will make your event amazing regardless, is food. Your food is going to make or break your event. People will remember the food. If you want to make sure others remember your event, focus on the food. Food can be fast and cheap and still be amazing.

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