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Making Valentine’s Day Special

Valentine’s is a holiday that I love. Why? I love love. I love all the pink and glitter that comes with Valentines. As I decorated my house and table for Valentines this year I started thinking about what I wanted to make for food… Food is my love language. If I make you food you know I love you.

I saw a cake on Instagram and thought, WOW! That is perfect. I called up my dearest friend Jaycee who is about to launch her meal planning membership to ask her if she had a perfect cake recipe and she did. So she made my cake dreams come true. You should check her out over HERE.

Doesn’t it look perfect with the cake stand I found at the Target Dollar Spot?

The cake is her Red Velvet Cake recipe, the cream cheese frosting made it perfect. and then we added ALL of the red, pink and white sprinkles we could find!

I found the cutest garland for Scott, I only wish I had bought 4 more for each of the kids. I improvised and wrote them each their own letter about what I love about them. Scott gets 5 of the 9 letters, and then each kid gets one letter.

I am going to get some sparkling grape juice (I love this kind), we will drink out of fancy glasses. I will have the table set all fancy (look for it in Friday’s blog post), I am hoping to do fondue for dinner. It sounds fancy and romantic. I may even let Courtney invite a date over… Unless she has other date plans. I plan on having a little chocolate gift for them and of course dessert will be the yummiest cake around!

So… I was on Instagram Stories watching Real Connections Podcast. Cami has the CUTEST idea for Valentines dinner, even a free printable for it. I think I am going to have to do that for Valentine’s Dinner. Go check it out!

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