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Making Thanksgiving Special

This year we all need a little extra. It has been quite the year and any type of normal is going to boost our spirits! I know we are going all out to keep with tradition.

Setting The Table

I love to have my table set and pretty for a holiday. And this is no exception!

  1. I love a good charger under my regular plates. They always add something. I think these buffalo plaid plates are perfect.

  2. When I do a patterned plate I will go for something more neutral for the table runner.

  3. Always have the fancy glasses out! Even water feels more special.

  4. Name Cards: it adds such a personal touch and makes each person feel like they are important.

  5. For the kids table (yep, we are having one this year) I am going to print out these placemats and put crayons out!

The Food

When I am hosting Thanksgiving I like to find out my guests favorite foods to eat that day. And then I make it! When it is just my little family I have an idea and we make it happen. At our house we do the traditional dinner at our regular dinner time. I know a lot of people do it earlier in the day, and that is totally fine! For lunch we will do appetizers while we watch the parade (so sad it isn’t happening this year!) and then make room for dinner.

I will always make our most favorite pie for dessert. Stay tuned for that. It is the one pie that takes no oven space. Everyone will love it and it keeps really well. Jen (@classycozmetics) and I are going to bring that to you very very soon!

The Entertainment

At my in-laws home it is a big party. Scott is the youngest of 7. Some of our nieces and nephews are married with children of their own. My mother-in-law has always found fun games for us to play when we have a big get together. This year is our year to have the big kids home for the holiday so we will be doing our Thanksgiving with my family.

We have loved playing Quiplash together on Jackbox TV but the questions are sometimes inappropriate. So we won’t be doing that. Here are some fun ideas for you to do with your family this year:

  1. Parade: With the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade cancelled this year, you can stream another year to watch.

  2. What Do You Meme Family Edition: We got this game to play this year and I am so excited to try it out!

  3. Minute To Win It: This is always a fun game to play with kids and adults of all ages. It is so funny to try to complete the tasks, funny to watch other complete the tasks.

  4. Crafts: I have ALWAYS loved little kid turkey crafts. If you have littler ones that you want to entertain this will be a great things. And having those coloring page placemats above would be great entertainment.

This year is so different from other years. We may not be getting together with our families. We might be hunkering down ready for this crazy time to pass. However, we can still make the holiday special and fun.

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