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Making Swag Bags for an Event

When there is an event and tickets are purchased I love getting a swag bag. It feel like a thank you for paying and thank you for coming. When I hosted Galentine’s last week I wanted the ladies who came to feel loved, appreciated and to go home with something that they loved.

Nichole helped me fill the bags with some amazing things.

First, Grace from Twirl in Pink sent coupons for everyone to buy something at her online store. It was SO perfect, I love every single thing I have from her. I wear something from Twirl in Pink daily.

Next, Nailed by the Childers sent over a ColorStreet Manicure! She sent over the prettiest colors, and I appreciate it so much! I love ColorStreet, its the perfect solution to all things nails.

Shantelle was super sweet to give bath salts that she made to the swag bags. They were all lavender scented and perfect.

When it actually came time to do the swag bags I wasn’t a ton of help. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that I have been in a walking boot for a foot injury… But Tuesday I landed myself back in the doctors because of excruciating pain… I was ordered no pressure on my foot to allow it to heal. I couldn’t stand to help fill the bags. I sat and talked to Courtney and Nichole as the organized and made things happen.

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