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Making St. Paddy’s Day Special

As I have started this series, I am loving it! It is inspiring me to be so much more creative with my family. I can’t wait to do a few of these things!

Leprechaun Shenanigans: I think this year Claire will get a kick out of this. I have seen where people dye milk green, I might do that but only with a small half gallon just for the kids because I sure as heck don’t think I can stomach it. Even if it is only food coloring. I love the little foot prints on the toilet seat idea. Have you done that? Did it stain your seat with little tiny green foot prints?

Food: I already talked about the green milk. I am treating all the kids to their own box of Lucky Charms. I am going to get “rainbow seeds” for the big kids as a treat to take to school. Rainbow Seeds are just Skittles.

Rainbow Jello: I am doing a tutorial on this in Thursday’s post, so be looking for that! I have done this a few times before and the kids loved it. I know its an easy (but tedious) thing to do for them.

Lucky Cupcakes: Do you remember my Making Valentine’s Special post last month with the pretty cake? Jaycee did it again this month with little cupcakes with a surprise inside! She is incredible. The tastiest chocolate cake, yummy frosting, and tiny delicate gold stars inside to surprise you when you bite in to them! I love what she comes up with. She has all the recipes available over at Mind.Body.Kitchen. Also, you should try out her meal plans because they are so good. I have been loving them so much. It takes all the work out of dinner for me. Review coming soon!

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