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Making New Years Special

I think we can all agree that we are ready to see 2020 in our rear view mirror. I bought my 2021 planner with the intention that it will be such a good year. Because it will!

I think that making New Years special this year is going to be a great tribute to ending this year and starting next year off with positivity and good vibes. I don’t stay up late. I just don’t. I can’t. My body goes to sleep around 10pm every night. I am not made to stay up and party until midnight. But this year I am going to get my gigantic Dr. Pepper from Sodalicious and ring in 2021 because I want all the positivity I can get.

  1. Watch The Ball Drop: You can find it on YouTube (and play it early for the young kids who think they need to stay up late!). I wish they had Barbara Walters host last year, because she could have said “This is 2020″… Maybe she will host this year and say “That was 2020” (A girl can wish)

  2. Play games: I think having a fun night in with playing games is the perfect way to entertain those you are spending the holiday with. We really like Cover Your Assets, What Do You Meme (family edition) and Candy Land (for Claire).

  3. Write out Goals: This is a great time to sit down with those you love and come up with some joint goals for the year. It could be as simple as having a family prayer each day or more in-depth like eating healthier.

  4. Have some sparkling cider: A perfect way to toast the new year and bid farewell to this past year. Little kids feel so special with a fun drink… They probably won’t drink much of it. Use the fancy glasses and shout HOORAY!

  5. Fireworks: Growing up in Seattle it was always a treat to get to stay up and watch the fireworks on the Space Needle. I am sure this year you will be able to find any number of firework shows on YouTube… Wouldn’t it be cool to do countdowns all over the world that evening??? I know in Sydney they do one at the Opera House… I think I have a new tradition to start!

Whatever you do this year, let’s make it special for everyone. We all need to celebrate this year ending and the start of a new one!

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