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Making Holiday's Special: St Paddy's Day

It's high time I bring this series back. I love it. You love it. I need some happy planning for my little family (we are down a kid and that's sad, she's off at college!).

St Patrick's Day is always a fun day for us. The little kids think leprechauns have invaded our home. They aren't naughty friends, they are fun friends. A few ways you can make the day more festive and create some fun memories:

Green cake with rainbow frosting and sprinkles
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  1. Lucky Charms: Our leprechauns always leave a box for each kid to eat. The only prep required for this is buying a couple boxes of cereal (grocery store pick up makes it even easier!) and leaving them out the night before. I usually write names on them.

  2. Gold Coins: I like having little trails leading from the kid's rooms to the kitchen with their cereal. I have done a variation of chocolate candy coins and gold coins to reuse! I love the reusable ones. The kids play with them all day and have fun, then that night they are magically cleaned up and disappear (leprechaun magic).

  3. Rainbow Jello: this my friends takes some dedication. I have done it only a few times. It takes time to get it right... And I don't always have the energy for it. But maybe this year my people will be surprised! If I do it this year it will be a bigger 9x30 size rather than individual cups.

  4. Treasure Hunt: If you wanted to while the littles are at school after their morning gold coin trail to find cereal you could gather the gold coins and send them on a treasure hunt with rainbows to find the pot of gold! This is something I think my littles are getting big enough to do now, so I am giving it a try this year.

Having small traditions for the holidays really does help our family feel grounded, give each member a sense of belonging and brings smiles to everyones faces.

I made this Irish Amber Pie a few years ago and it was tasty!

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