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Making Holiday’s Special: Father’s Day

She did not stand ALONE, but what stood behind her, the most POTENT moral FORCE in her life, was the LOVE of her Father.” – Harper Lee

As I think about what makes a father special, I realized that a father is special because he chose to become one. Becoming a father (or mother) is not a choice to be taken lightly. You are committing to the rest of your life to be someones constant. That is a lot of responsibility.

I feel like anything I could do for Scott (or my dad) will fall short of their amazingness as fathers! We will be traveling home from Scott’s Family Reunion on Father’s Day. So I am still working on what we can do to make him feel special. He already got his gift (he got a new Apple Watch. His stopped connecting to his phone, so I gave it to him early). We are doing a 4 hour drive leaving from the reunion at a time I don’t know! But here are a few things you can do to make Father’s Day Special!

  1. Breakfast: Get up early, take care of the kids and make his favorite breakfast. I don’t love eating in my bed, so I don’t usually do breakfast in bed.

  2. Kid’s Gifts: I love helping my kids create some coupons to give their dad. This one is FREE. If you want more, Pinterest has TONS!

  3. Dinner: We usually BBQ for Father’s Day. I buy Scott’s favorite cut of steak, marinade it all day and grill it.

I love to set the table in Scott’s favorite colors and keep it simple, he doesn’t love a full table setting.

Throughout the day we watch Scott’s favorite shows, go on a walk and spend time with his family.

What are you doing to make Father’s Day special?

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