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Making Christmas Special

This year I have been trying to be more focused on making thing special for my family. It’s been a rough year for sure. No one saw a global pandemic, quarantining, mask wearing and not being able to gather in our future as we rang in 2020. I wanted to share a few things that we are doing to make this year special!

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I love books. I love to read. I love Christmas books. I have picked up a few new ones this year and I think they are just what we need.

How Winston Delivered Christmas: I saw this on a Facebook thread and when I looked at it I knew it would be so much fun to do with my kids. I am looking forward to reading it tonight. You read one chapter each day and have a little fun craft or project to do after that chapter. It’s a great advent calendar style book.

The Night Before Christmas: This is a Christmas classic and a must read. We have several copies of this book at our house. I love listening to the big kids reading it to the little kids.

Pick a Pine Tree: Such a darling little book about the ritual of getting your Christmas tree ready for Christmas.


  1. Make Cookies: I feel like it is a tradition that is handed down each generation. We are all home and baking to bring comfort and joy.

  2. Christmas Lights: We love to drive around and view all the twinkly lights on the homes.

  3. Movie Nights: Watching all the classic Christmas movies is my favorite. And the hallmark movies too.

  4. Serving: Since we are mostly practicing social distancing, that doesn’t mean you can’t serve others. I know of families that do food drives and donate to a local food bank. You can serve at the homeless shelter. A more intimate way to serve is to take something to a neighbor who might be lonely. Leave cookies at the neighbors. There are so many ways you can serve.


One thing that will really help us all during this weird time in history is to keep up with traditions that we have done in the past. They may look different, but still knowing that we can expect things to happen like they have in the past will help us to feel grounded. Plan your usual Christmas Party, but keep it just to your family. Make all of the favorite foods and play the games. If you usually drop neighbor gifts off, still do it.

And one tradition that I love, and I hope starts up even more is Christmas Cards! I love to get them. I save them each year and love to look back at them from years past. Send Christmas Cards and start a new tradition if it isn’t something you have done before.

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