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Making Birthdays Special

Last year I had this whole plan on making holidays special. It was going to be amazing. And then… COVID. No one was going to the store. Everyone was quarantined. So, this amazing compilation is coming back this year.

January’s holiday hits the first day of the month and I did a blog post LAST month about making it special, and it’s the perfect time to think about ALL the birthdays happening this year. I wish there had been a birthday quarantine guide so that we could all celebrate out special people’s birthdays from a distance. But this year let’s focus on small gatherings, distance celebrating and making memories.


It isn’t a party unless there is cake. I could leave it just like this and move along. Find out the birthday persons cake likes, dislikes and make it happen for them.


Party decor can be SO EASY. Use the birthday persons favorite color to decorate. The party store has every color imaginable for plates, napkins, utensils and tablecloths. You can get balloons and streamers. Add a little white or silver to make it a little extra.


This goes without saying… Buy them something you know they will love. If you aren’t sure because they have everything they could ever need, a pretty notebook is always a good choice. (notebook hoarder speaking)


Order their favorite takeout for a cozy dinner in. If you aren’t close, DoorDash is now your best friend. You can buy your BFF dinner on their birthday and have it delivered, video chat while you eat together!

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