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Level Up Your Wedding

Last year most of my events were with The Party Collab which I co-own with Melanie. I love working with Melanie, I love The Party Collab, I loved last year. And I am so excited for this year. The best thing is happening. Melanie is having her first baby. When she told me I cried the happiest tears ever. We decided to take the year off from The Party Collab so she could spend time becoming a mom and learning her new normal with a baby. I cannot wait to meet this party baby in the spring.

Knowing that we weren't doing The Party Collab led me to reaching out to Sleepy Ridge. Melanie and I worked with them last year. It was so fun. We were in their Bridal Open House and were able to coordinate a lot of weddings. This year I paid to be in their magazine (I cannot wait to see it!) and have a spot in the Bridal Open House.

If you are a bride, have a friend who is a bride, will be a bride someday this is the place for you to level up your wedding.

At the Sleepy Ridge Bridal Open House there are vendors you can meet and get a feeling for them and whatever they bring to the wedding table, there is food, the decor is perfection. You will not regret coming. There is inspiration in every corner.

Last year I felt like I was in my dream wedding and I can't wait to see what this year looks like!

Get your ticket (FREE) here. Come by and say hi.

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