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Keep Kind, Connect, Love

When I first planned this blog post I don’t think that my intent was what it is now. In fact, I don’t remember what I was going to do with this post. It might have been about how I want to connect with you, dear reader.

But here we are.

I am writing this on March 18. We are on day 3 of no school. When this goes live, we will be on day 9 of no school (not including weekends). As of right now, school is out until March 30th. Online instruction started for my kids today. And I am honestly thinking school won’t be back in session until after spring break which is the 6-10 of April for us. That will put us at 4 weeks home together at minimum.

Keep Kind

I keep saying the same thing to my kids. Be kind, please. This all new to us. Then I thought, how can I teach them to be kind when we are all getting on each others nerves.

It starts with me. I am at my wits end. But I need to keep my annoyance at a minimum and be kind.

Also, at the stores here it has been nuts. I have noticed that when I walk around with a smile and say hi to everyone it changes my tone in shopping and helps me not be frustrated that TP is still a premium item. Smile, say thank you, share, buy only what you need.


My kids understand that there is a scary thing going on that we can’t control. We can only control ourselves.

I need connection with others. And so do my kids. I gave my kids access to their phones unhindered (except games and stuff) so they can connect with their friends. They can text, call, FaceTime and feel close to what’s going on in each other’s lives.

I am using Marco Polo with my friends. I need it. It gives me adult interaction and conversations.


Just love others. Because in the end, love is all we can give. If you see someone in need, give if you have some to give.

If you are just needing a break, love yourself and go shut your bedroom door for a minute or two. No one will die, judge or blame you. I have done it several times by now. Even several times an hour. This is hard. It’s not like summer. It’s not like a break at school where you can go to a museum, or park, or swimming. This is staying inside, away from others. Love yourself and take a breather.

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