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It’s Not Too Late!

If you follow me on Instagram you may have heard me talk about a retreat… That I was asked to SPEAK at! Queue the the wide eyes.

My friend Veronica of Utah Women’s Retreats came to me and asked me to speak to women at her retreat on content planning and goal setting.

I am SO DANG EXCITED! I get to share something I am passionate about with other women and encourage them to make goals and reach them. This is a win for everyone.

I would love for you to join me at this retreat NEXT week. It is from January 10-12. The location is at Bear Lake, Utah. Let me copy the event information for you:



This retreat is all focused on helping you plan out your year so that 2020 is intentional and amazing! Take time this weekend to hear from speakers, get straight on what you want to accomplish this year and meet other amazing women who you can collaborate with.


Whether you have a

  1. side hustle,

  2. full time business,

  3. are a working mom,

  4. have a career or

  5. just need a weekend to recharge and get serious with your goals…this retreat is for you.

Grab your computer, comfy sweats, warm blanket and get ready to have time to map out 2020 and take charge of what you want. This warm, cozy cabin is just the place to start the new year and think, plan and take action.

As women we give so much to others, this is a chance to relax and clear your mind of all the stresses that you think about. Put them aside for one weekend as we have fun and unplug so that we can gain new ideas and inspiration to help us and others around us. Let us pamper you this weekend. We will have workshops from professional speakers as well as free time to relax and unwind.

Do you want to come with me? It’s not too late to sign up. And Veronica was so kind and gave me a discount code for my people (that’s you) to use! If you CLICK HERE you can sign up, the code should already be applied. If it isn’t $50 off use the code Sarah50 to get your discount!

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