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It’s my Jam

A few weeks ago I had the cutest phone call with my mother-in-law.  She called and asked if I would like some raspberry jam.  Of course my response was “I will always say yes to jam!” Then I learned I had to come over and pick the raspberries off the bush and we would be making jam.  I decided to bank on my kids loving to pick berries at Grandma’s house! We went over that afternoon after school so they could pick the berries.  I played with Oliver under the shade of the trees in the backyard.

My in-laws have the best back yard.  I love it.  The grass is perfectly manicured.  The trees are mature and provide ample shade. The wisteria covering the outdoor dining is so pretty.  When it is in bloom the scent is my absolute favorite.

The next afternoon the little kids and I went out to make the jam. I didn’t realize how easy it would be! And, I must admit, I kind of didn’t want to do it.  Canning has never been my thing.  It seems like something old ladies do.  And I have a baby and toddler.  They are keeping me young while me teenager and almost teenager are making me old. Maybe it is the other way around?

I am so grateful that Janet showed me how easy it was to make jam.  It is so delicious. Next year I will be more prepared and make millions of jars more! As a side note, did you know that jam has SO MUCH sugar in it?  There were more cups of sugar than berries!

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