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It’s About To Change

Last year when I started this blog I thought I had an idea of where I wanted it to go.

It was going to be spot where I shared all things beauty. Then I realized that trying all the new beauty products meant it all didn’t get used. And I am a creature of habit, I like the things I like and don’t change them up very often.

I wanted to share my home decor. I love decorating, but am I just showing the same old things in a little different way?

I wanted to share recipes. Then I realize my recipes are not original because the majority of them come from Pinterest!

I joined a Link Party and have been sharing crafts I make with a theme each month. But that also felt so not me right now. I enjoy it, but I also dread coming up with a craft and trying to execute it with my little kids climbing on me.

I think it is time for changes. I am working on the process of finding out what YOU want to read about. I am working on finding WHO I am as a blogger. I am taking an amazing course that is helping me find all of that. This process is incredible to me. The amount that I have learned over the last week of pouring over this course has been overwhelming in a good way.

Of course, last week I shared that it is a busy month for me and asked for your patience. I am going to ask for more. More patience as I figure out where I see The Strawberry Nest going. More patience as this transformation happens.

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