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It’s A L.O.V.E. Story {Our Story Part 8}

By now, you should all know about my husband Scott. He’s actually the world’s greatest.

I was just about to link you to the posts about our story… And I realized a couple of things. 1. I skip #3. How? Not that the story is out of order, I just didn’t title them correctly. 2. I didn’t get past the spring of us dating and that post was nearly two years ago. So I am going to finish out our story for you now. If you want a refresher:

That summer we took a “family” vacation to Disneyland for my big kids to see their dad. It was my first trip to Disney (shocking, I know) and it was so special to share it with Scott. I am so glad he came and was there for me since I was sending the kids to be with their dad.

Coming home from that trip was amazing. This was time for he and I to really grow our relationship. We hiked. We went to baseball games. We were together most nights of the week since I didn’t have any real responsibilities at home. I started going to church with Scott at his ward instead of mine.

Scott went on a guys trip to Southern Utah to hike and camp with his two best friends Tom and Josh. I stayed at his home to watch his sweet dog Baylie. While out there he found a spot with reception and FaceTimed me!!! When he got home he sat me down because he had something to tell me. And my heart started racing. I was so hopeful the L word would come out of his mouth. But no.

After a baseball game on a Friday night soon after that guys trip Scott and I had a little argument over something dumb. I was hoping our relationship would be moving in a more forward direction…. The next day we hiked Scott’s Favorite hike up to Pittsburgh Lake. We had to take the 4-wheeler up to the trailhead. On the way down Scott brought up what I was thinking about my lease ending next month and what I thought I would do.

I had been thinking about that, and I even had a time limit on what I needed in our relationship to stay in it. But I didn’t share that with him. I just said that I was looking at options and trying to figure out what I wanted to do. He started talking about me moving in to his parent’s house for a little bit (they were living in Fiji at the time). And I was not sure why he would think I should move there.

I remember one evening (I had joined a gym too) I was just arriving at the gym and Scott called. It was his friend Ginger’s birthday and he was taking a cupcake over to her. This was just after that hike. He picked me up at the gym since it was near her home and we stopped by. Now this wouldn’t be super eventful in most things, but when Scott dropped me off at the gym to do my workout he said words that would change the course of our lives.

Scott said that he would like to go look at rings with me the next night.

You guys! This man wanted to look at rings with me, but had never uttered the words “I LOVE YOU” to me. I was a little thrilled and a little bit sad that he hadn’t said words that I needed to hear.

The next night Scott arranged to pick me up when I got home from work and we went to look at rings. If he were telling this story he would say that as we were driving to the first store he got this feeling that he should tell me how he feels. But he’s not. The whole time we were driving to our first jewelry store I was having this inner turmoil of “if he hasn’t said he loves me then why is he playing with my emotions. He shows me he loves me, but is he in love with me?”

As soon as we got to that shop Scott turned to me and said “listen I need to tell you something. I am in love with you. I want you to know that I have wanted to tell you that for this drive, but I wanted to look at your face when I said it.” I responded with “I love you so much.” And we walked in to Jared’s and looked at rings.

After a few weeks of searching for the perfect rings we found them in Salt Lake City. I don’t know when Scott went and purchased them because we were together all the time. But he did.

We camped for the first time, and then took a trip just the two of us to St. George where we saw a play at Tuachan and enjoyed the weekend. That weekend we set a wedding date of November 15th but we still weren’t engaged… It was the end of September…

To read our engagement story CLICK HERE.

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