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Insider Tips on Insurance

You might not know this small tidbit about me, but I have been an insurance agent for 9 years. I have worked for State Farm and Allstate. Currently I work from home for an agency here in Utah. Insurance is something I just get. It makes sense to me. I thought I would share a few insider tips with you!

  1. Bundle: To save money you want to bundle your insurance. That means having your auto and property (homeowners, renters) with the same company. Most have a multiple policy discount. For an even deeper discount, get a life insurance policy through the same company.

  2. Comprehensive: This is a coverage that you most likely have. It is usually lumped together with Collision. Comprehensive covers theft, vandalism, fire, GLASS BREAKAGE. Most have a higher deductible for this coverage, but to have a $100 or even $0 deductible is just a few dollars more every 6 months. If you were to have a lower deductible ($100 or $0) you could get your windshield replaced for free. A few glass places I work with waive the deductible if it is $100. So lower your deductible. Windshields are not cheap, but also not more than $500. It is worth it. If you get a rock chip, it is more than likely going to spread into a bigger crack.

  3. Life Insurance: THIS IS IMPORTANT. I believe in this insurance. I have seen first hand when someone finds out that their spouse is not coming home again. Knowing that they have that protection is such a relief. Please look in to life insurance. The younger you are the cheaper it will be for you.

  4. Property Insurance: Protecting your personal belongings whether you are renting, living at home, or own your home outright it is crucial to protect your stuff. If you have personal belongings in your vehicle and they are stolen, your auto insurance will not cover them. Your property policy will cover them. If you do not have a policy protecting your things, you will have to replace things yourself. Plus, you get to save a little money with the multiple policy discount!

There you have it! A few insider tips for insurance! If you have questions, I would love to answer them.

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