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Influencer Event: W 10th

PHEW! I am still coming down from the high of coordinating this amazing event! I don’t know about you, but putting together something and watching and enjoying the fruits of your labors is amazing.

Melanie and I have been itching to coordinate an event and we were able to finally do it.

West Tenth is an iOS app. Go download it. I can wait a second.

This app is like none other on the market. It is a modern Main Street. Imagine walking down the Main Street of a quaint town with all these shops that are locally owned, locally made, locally sourced. But imagine doing that on your PHONE! You guys, that is West Tenth. You literally find local shops that are women run, that are home based and QUALITY.

They reached out to me and to Melanie (separately, they didn’t know we ran a company together) and wanted to invite us to join W10th. Which we did together as The Party Collab.

We took it a step further and offered to plan an event for them free of charge from us. They pay for the supplies and that is the end.

They agreed. They were already in the beginning stages of planning an influencer event and we were able to put the whole thing on for them.

Off to work Melanie and I went. We were to use store front owners on the app to decorate, cater, bake and create swag bags for the event. We reached out to florists, balloon artists, bakers, artists, caterers to put this together. And I think it came together perfectly, if I do say so myself.

The day of the PARTY we were busy. We arranged to pick stuff up from vendors, some came to the venue to drop off, we had to pack all the stuff up that we had gathered for the event. And then we were on our way to set up. Set up took a few hours and went really smooth.

Once the event started it was so fun because all of the influencers who came were genuinely interested in what W10th is. Because we became fluent in the app we were able to “sell” the app to them and they caught the vision! It was perfect.

Take down happened so fast and we were home by 11:30 that night.

If you want to know more about W10th, download the app if you are on iOS. You can also check out their website to get some more of their background and vision.

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