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At the beginning of May I made myself a priority in my business. I know that sounds funny. It isn’t though. I needed to invest in myself to make my business go to the next level.

So I took a course. I took The Party Planner Academy put on by Chelsey Curtis. Don’t let the name fool you. I learned so much about how to START a business. This course wasn’t all tables capes and balloon arches. It was learning how to start your business, how to grow your business and how to work with companies.

A month in to this course Chelsey put out another course called The 28 Day Challenge. So naturally I took it as well.

The 28 Day Challenge goes hand in hand with The Party Planner Academy. In The 28 Day Challenge I dug deep to find my why, to learn how to tell my story and create content.

After The 28 Day Challenge I dug right back in to The Party Planner Academy. By the middle of July I received my certificate from the PPA!

My official review:

I knew that I wanted to take the Party Planner Academy back in March of 2019. I was so excited when registration was opened up at the beginning of May! I signed up as quickly as I could and dove right in. I quickly learned so much about having a business that I started my to do list and began chipping away.

A few weeks later when Chelsey announced the 28-day Challenge I knew I had to take it. It went hand in hand with the Academy. I have learned so much about creating content, working with brands, the behind the scenes of hosting and event, and how to own my own business. Without this course I would have felt overwhelmed. Chelsey put each piece of the puzzle in easy to manage steps to accomplish. Before this class I was spinning my wheels and getting nowhere fast in my business. Now I am successful working with brands and making money!

If you watch one of Chelsey’s webinars (which I suggest you do) you might see my face along with hearing stories about me taking the course.

If you want more information on the courses please reach out to me. Send me a DM on Instagram, a PM on Facebook or an email here!

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