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How To Use A Vision Board

Years ago (when I was in my early 20's) I learned about vision boards. Cutting photos and words out of magazines and glueing them on a poster board. One. A lot of mess, kind of feel like a serial killer, and I just felt like the photos weren't pretty enough.

Some of these are affiliate links. That means I receive a small commission if you buy something from them at no cost to you.

And then I saw my friend Kacie's story on Instagram about a vision board she and her daughter Alexa created. It was beautiful. It was clean. Things were organized (one of my favorite things). And I knew I wanted one for 2022. I have big plans my friends. BIG plans. And because I know Kacie and Alexa they let me come pick up my kit and off I went. I got the kit that included the magnetic board. (they also have just the kit without the magnetic board) I love it. I spent sometime putting it together and I am still tweaking it.

One thing I love is they included some worksheets for you to go through and write out goals, dive deep into your goals and then make your vision board even more personal and goal oriented.

The photos The Vision Board Collaborative picked out for your vision board are so pretty, they are light, airy and I love the way they all look together. They have photos broken up in to 4 categories, Health, Wealth, Personal Growth, Relationships and the words are so fun in all the different fonts.

When it comes to pads of paper, I am a sucker. I will buy them all up. I first bought their Daily To-Do List pad in October and was so excited when they came out with this kit. This kit also has Day Genius Blueprint that has a spot for gratitude, CELEBRATING, affirmations and so much more. It's a dream. I am so glad I decided to start it January 1.

Don't let me forget the affirmations they have, so uplifting. I have them on the little easel on my desk so I can change it weekly.

Who here is going to jump on this Vision Board train with me? I would love to have someone to help hold me accountable and someone I can cheer on!

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