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How To Make A Routine

Last week I had the incredible experience of teaching a class for my local church group. It was on Finding Your Routine.

I totally shouldn't have shared that I went on TV on social media!

But here's what I have learned about it. I really enjoy teaching. Like a lot. Like, it fulfills a part of me. And maybe it's because it is teaching adults and not my children how to do something.

I enjoyed it so much I decided to turn the little class I created for them in to a little class for you all here. I am hoping to have it ready for you all to go through by the end of May.

Key topics it goes over

  • identifying your planning style

  • figuring out your current routine

  • resetting anything in your routine

The thing about a routine and starting one, resetting one is you can take every course out there on it. You can pay my as much money as you want. But unless you actually DO the work, it won't matter. Setting up your routine is completely easy, it is the change in your focus on it that will be the hardest thing to overcome. It's a mental game. And I am here to see if there are ways to help make that focus happen!

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