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Hosting A Retreat MUST HAVES

As I planned a retreat last month I came across some things that I felt were so useful, fun and a little unexpected that made the retreat excellent.

(This retreat was back in January) Some of these are affiliate links. That means I receive a small commission if you buy something from them at no cost to you.

As someone who loves to go to retreats and work with like-minded people I knew I was going to learn a lot! And I for sure learned things I wasn’t expecting to learn. I was not an attendee at the retreat, I was the event planner. I listened in a little bit as I walked through or as I was taking care of snacks for the guests.

  1. Pens: Make sure you have PLENTY of pens available. At this retreat the majority used their computers to take notes. I am a pen and paper girl through and through though. My favorite pens are the ones linked. They write so smooth, don’t smudge and don’t bleed through my paper.

  2. Directory: At the retreat I just coordinated I created a directory on Canva of everyone there. It included a photo, their name, their company, their expertise, contact info, and a bio. It made it so that those who didn’t know each other prior could figure out who someone is and have a little knowledge of the. You can change up the directory to include things that match with the style of retreat.

  3. Schedule: Having a schedule written up beforehand is so helpful so that you as the event host can direct people to where they need to be when. You can make it and have a copy printed out for each attendee, use a giant white board to put the schedule on or have it written down on paper for yourself. I suggest making it so that everyone can see it and can plan their time in the morning accordingly. I love having an outline and finished schedule but know that it is possible to switch up topics if needed.

  4. Swag: Having a small bag of goodies for all the guests adds such a nice touch! Of course the goodies will go with the topic of the retreat. And depending, you can have guests bring enough of one item to share with everyone. It’s like Christmas!

  5. Location: I have been to different retreats in different places. I love when everyone stays in one big home together. Then it becomes a giant sleep over! I have been to retreats in hotels, cabins, one day retreats at an event venue and retreats outdoors. It doesn’t matter the place, as long as you are resonating with your guests!

  6. Food: The retreat I was just coordinating sent out a google form asking people about diet restrictions, favorite snacks and drinks and I thought it was SO SMART! I had access to that information and shared any diet allergies/medical restrictions with the Chef. Before the party began I went shopping and filled up on all the snacks and drinks I could for everyone. It was so perfect.

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