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Holiday Party Ideas

I love to host all types of parties. Surprise!! I thought it would be fun to share some holiday party ideas with you and hopefully you can use them in the next few weeks!


Horrible photo, blurry, bad lighting… Me 5 months pregnant with Oliver

I love an Ugly Sweater Party, you and all of your friends/coworkers/family dressed up in the most outrageous sweater. What could be better? I love seeing what people come up with. Scott and I threw one a few years ago and our friends came dressed in a joint sweater, two head holes, two arms and a really big body. The sweater didn’t last long, it was warm!


Last year I posted about Santa’s Favorite Cookies. Why not get all of your friends together and bake the day away? If you have kids, they can help (or not help as kids often do) or they can run around and play. Turn on Christmas Movies. Bake the day away. If you want any recipes, please let me know I am happy to share.


Do you love to get dressed up? I do! Any chance to put on something dressier and I am all in. I love the idea of a festive (dress attire) dinner party where you get dressed up, set your table with the “fancy” dishes, make delicious food and make incredible memories. Someday when I don’t have toddlers I am going to plan a party like this at my home for all of my girlfriends.


Years ago (way back when I was an army wife and my husband was deployed) my kids and I were invited to a hot cocoa and cookies party. We showed up in our Christmas pj’s, we watched The Polar Express and enjoyed all of the delicious homemade treats of Christmas time and hot cocoa.

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