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Holiday Hangover

I always feel like the days between Christmas and New Year’s are lost. I have never been hungover, but I call it the Holiday Hangover. Christmas is a process, from decorating the house to buying the presents and food to cleaning it all up!

Our Christmas Day was perfect. Our kids woke up super early. Even the teens. All of the presents were opened. Nothing is better than a toddler really understanding their first Christmas and seeing all of the joy. I did our traditional Christmas breakfast of Cinnamon Rolls and Biscuits and Gravy. My sister and brother-in-law with their two girls came over. More presents were exchanged.

I love to make a turkey. Since I didn’t do one on Thanksgiving I promised Scott one for Christmas. And my sister who doesn’t really like turkey loves mine. We ate tons of food, watched the Parade at Disneyworld, and felt a lot of love.

And now that we are a couple of days away the hangover has set in. Leftovers are still being eaten on festive plates, the toys are still a hit and Christmas is half put away until next year.

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