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Helping Him Find the PERFECT Gift

One thing that Scott and I discovered early in our marriage is how helpful Pinterest is. You heard that right. Scott’s on Pinterest. Sure, I use Pinterest for all the things. You can even check out all of my fun boards here. Go ahead and follow me too! Then you will get to see what I am loving and thinking about.

On Pinterest I have a secret board. It’s my Wishlist. I put anything that would make a great gift for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Mother’s Day on that board. Scott has access to it and anytime we have a traditional gift giving thing coming up he takes a look. More often than not he is able to find the perfect gift straight from my Wishlist board.

If I happen to see something on Pinterest that I think I would love as a gift I always follow through on that pin. I make sure it goes to the correct link of the item. If it doesn’t, I will research it and find the right link and make a new pin for my Wishlist board. As I am perusing the internet, if I find something I love, I will make a pin to that item with the link. It becomes foolproof for him to always be able to get to the item easily.

Another thing I do is put the size, color, or any specifics an item may require of him when purchasing it in the description. I try to go through my board the month before anything and make sure it is up to date. I will delete anything that I am no longer hoping to get or that Scott has already gifted me. I will add new things as well. I try to have a variety of price points for him to choose from as well.

I have also added my mom and my sister to my Wishlist. They have even created their own boards of the same. It makes finding the perfect gift easier than ever. I promise this will make it easier on everyone.

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