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Hello There

This blog.  This one right here has been on my mind a lot for the last 6 or 7 weeks.  I felt like I needed to have an outlet for my thoughts.  So, I am making that happen!  Allow me to introduce myself, my family and my life.

(Side note: 4 weeks later and I am finally *trying* to finish this.  But I have felt the need to do this blog.  It’s been nagging me.  But I just have felt so busy.)

My name is Sarah.  I am a wife to Scott.  A mom of 4.  I have loved reading blogs since they became a thing.  I even had one before, but life happened and I couldn’t keep it up.  We live in Utah.  I LOVE to travel back home (Washington). I don’t even know how to sum myself up in an introduction. So, I will let you get to know me more through my blog.

Like I said, I am married to Scott.  We have been married 4 years this coming November.  Scott and I met online 5 years ago.  I was living in Seattle, and he was in Utah.  After 5 or 6 months of dating I made the move to Utah (not just for my relationship, but I had a job offer in Utah, cost of living was lower…). We got married in November 2014.  In February we found out we were expecting our first baby together.  A little girl, Claire, was born in October 2015.  And we just had our second baby together, Oliver, in April 2018.  I was married before and have two amazing kids, Courtney (15!) and Alex (12).

I am hoping this blog will be a lot of different things that relate to me.  Decorating, raising teens, raising babies, beauty, crafting, DIY.  I can’t wait to share everything with you! 

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