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Happy Sweet 16, Alex

Wait. Do they say that when it is a boy's 16th birthday?

Anyway, I digress.

Alex turned 16 last week. I was taking a break here on the blog, but I still feel like he deserves to have a post all about him.


The morning of your birthday I wished you Happy Birthday as soon as I saw you. And I got emotional. You are my little boy, and I will always remember you as my little boy. You and I have a special bond, we spent days together just the two of us. I loved it. I love how you used to want to hold my arm as we watched a show together.

I love who you are becoming. You are so tall now. You have pushed hard at a difficult school. Most of your life you have had two separate homes, and you make the best out of the world you have. Watching you play with your younger siblings is one of the greatest things I witness on a frequent basis. When I see you and Claire cuddled up watching a show and eating popcorn my heart could rip out of my chest.

You are special, please don't forget that. You are my favorite little boy.



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