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Happy Birthday Scott

The title says it all! Today we are celebrating Scott’s birthday! I have a few ideas on how we are going to celebrate, I just have to see how the day goes!

I feel so blessed to be Scott’s wife. He is the best human I know. Here are 39 reasons I think will show why he is the best.

  1. Scott is kind. With his job he has to do some hard things and he always treats everyone with a kindness that is unparalleled.

  2. Scott is competitive. He loves a good competition with himself, with others and in life. Tomorrow he is even playing in a tournament.

  3. Scott is a family guy. He is the youngest of 7! He loves to be close to his family and all of his friends have become his family.

  4. Scott loves the outdoors. Anytime we can hike he is up for it. The mountains are always calling his name. Hiking might just be part of the birthday plans!

  5. Scott is a hard worker. Anything Scott wants to do he puts is all in to it. And I mean his ALL. He researches, he thinks it through, he develops and he executes.

  6. Scott is funny. He has the best jokes and one liners. I laugh A LOT. He can imitate any voice and it makes everyone giggle.

  7. Scott is caring. He cares deeply for those who are part of his heart. He will go to the ends of the earth.

  8. Scott is giving. Scott gives his free time. Scott gives his talents. Scott lends a hand whenever possible.

  9. Scott is hopeful. He always sees things from a positive perspective! I am trying to be more like him.

  10. Scott is an amazing father. Having children of his own was Scott’s greatest goal in life. Becoming a dad was the best day of his life. He plays with his kids. When he comes home they are his priority.

  11. Scott is loyal. Once you are his friend you are ALWAYS his friend. He will never give up on you.

  12. Scott is a handyman. It is true. He has done all of the projects on the house. Framing in the basement, drywall, tiling, the fireplace, the mudroom, building shelves, custom drawers. You name he and he can do it.

  13. Scott is strong. He is a support. He is someone to lean on. I know I do. We have had our set of trials over the course of our relationship and he is always there.

  14. Scott is happy. He has this feeling of happiness around him. Happiness follows him.

  15. Scott is ambitious. He has plans and is going to achieve them!

  16. Scott is trustworthy. I have had trust issues due to past relationships. With Scott those were never an issue in our relationship.

  17. Scott is fair. The best way to describe this is: pretend he is splitting a cookie with you. Scott will cut the cookie in half and then let you pick which half you want. He wants it to be fair for everyone.

  18. Scott is nostalgic. He still has his baseball t-shirts from high school.

  19. Scott is

  20. Scott is the best friend. All of his friends know that they can call on Scott and he will be there to help out.

  21. Scott is responsible. He makes sure all of the important things are taken care of first.

  22. Scott is playful. He always wants to have a good time and will make sure everyone has a good time.

  23. Scott is intelligent. He knows so much! I have learned a ton from him.

  24. Scott is grateful. Scott always says thank you for even the smallest things. Being appreciated feels good.

  25. Scott is patient. I know I am not that easy to deal with, but he does it so easily. (or maybe he is just incredibly patient!)

  26. Scott is generous. He wants to give and share and serve.

  27. Scott is respectful. I see the way he treats everyone he comes in contact with and the best way to describe it is respect.

  28. Scott is optimistic. He is always looking for the silver lining.

  29. Scott is brave. He was willing to date someone with kids. He is willing each day to be a father to children that are not biologically his, and he treats them as his OWN.

  30. Scott is a dreamer. He has the best plans and examines them from all angles. Making each dream come true is his life’s mission.

  31. Scott is romantic. He remembers little dates. He holds my hand as much as possible.

  32. Scott is loving. He always lets me know how much he loves me. He shows me. He tells me.

  33. Scott is incredibly good looking. I mean, he looks like Chris Harrison.

  34. Scott is sweet. He leaves me little love notes. I find them in my luggage when I am traveling.

  35. Scott is tender. He caters to me. He tries to make me as comfortable as possible.

  36. Scott is passionate. He has his core values and holds them so true in his life.

  37. Scott is well-rounded. As much as he loves to play sports and compete he is willing to go to a musical or art show with me.

  38. Scott is selfless. He is always giving up what he wants to do in order to spend time with me or our children and give me a break.

  39. Scott is an incredible husband. He gives me everything he can and is always striving to make my dreams come true. He meets me half way. He compromises. He is my best friend.

I know, I know. I am blessed. And I am grateful for everything in my life that Scott is a part of. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.

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