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Happy Birthday, Alex!

Tomorrow Alex will be home from visiting his dad. And he will be 15 when I hug him. You guys, there is something about a mom and her son that chokes me up each time.

Alex has been my constant. He was born and was so good. He has always been so caring. His love language is physical touch. Alex is such an amazing big brother to Claire and Oliver. He plays with them and makes them laugh… He also annoys them to the point of screaming.

Dear Alex,

I don’t know what I did to get you as my son, but I am so grateful for you. Each time I see you playing with Claire and Oliver my heart bursts with pride. When I know you are working hard on your school work I feel so rewarded with a hard working son. You are easily liked by many, you are loyal, and you can argue your point with the best of them. Happiest Birthday! You are a shining star to our family.

Love, Mom

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