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Happiest Birthday to Courtney

I am not even sure how I am writing this post. My baby turns 19 this weekend. I am not old enough to have a 19 year old. I am fairly certain I just turned 19. And if you ask my two older kids, I am still 19. Their dad taught them well.

I think of what the last 19 years have looked like, and it's been quite the ride of motherhood.

Courtney is a blessing. She is so kind. She always thinks of others. Whenever she goes to the store she checks to see if I need anything and doesn't bat an eye getting it if needed. She always bring treats home for her siblings. Courtney is one of the hardest workers I know. Her whole life she has struggled with learning disabilities, but has never let that stop her. Courtney has learned to advocate for herself, to get the extra help when she needs it and to push harder to make up for anything.

This time last year we spent her birthday in New York City on an epic girls trip. This year, we will celebrate more low key and enjoy our girl.

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