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Halloween Recap

I know. Here I am talking about last Thursday while the rest of the world is starting to put up Christmas decor… But, I can’t really write about it until it HAPPENS.

The first of the festivities was a Halloween party put on by my friend (and business partner) Chelsey. Everyone dressed up in fun Disney costumes. Scott and I were Mary Poppins and Bert. We played some great party games, ate delicious food and laughed our heads off.

One thing I love about my Mother-In-Law is her traditional Halloween party. She makes delicious soups, we eat and feel good. Then the adults take a bedroom to sit in until they get a trick-or-treater to knock on the door! Of course Grandma always has a full size candy bar and goody bags for all the kids. Seriously it is the cutest thing. She does it the Sunday before Halloween and it starts the holiday off right.

Another thing that I love about Halloween that is a 35 year tradition for our neighbors… They get their yard all set up with a bunch of the blow up yard decor, all the way through the ally to one of their kids homes so you get back out on the street. Half way through they are serving hot cider and at the end is a full size candy bar. As you walk out just across the street are fresh hot little donuts! I wish I had photos, but in the dark it just isn’t easy to see. We seriously live in the best neighborhood.

Courtney has decided she is too cool for school and stayed home (read warm) to hand out candy. Alex took off with some friends. Oliver wasn’t really sure what to make of this knocking on peoples doors and getting candy. However, Claire lived it up! My sister and her kids came over. The big girls had so much fun trick-or-treating. I wouldn’t trade this holiday for anything ever.

And now we are on a sugar detox for the next few weeks until Thanksgiving starts it all over again!

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