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Halloween Party: Games

Is Halloween cancelled this year?

As I write this it is the beginning of September. An arctic storm has rolled in and we have some snow falling. I am not surprised 2020. I see you trying to get our attention.

If trick or treating is cancelled and there isn’t anything in the norm for you to do, consider throwing your own Halloween Party. Invite those you feel comfortable spending time with and go crazy buying candy. When I lived in Seattle I would throw a party instead of taking my kids out in the dark and rain. It wasn’t fun. But it became one of the funnest things to attend.

I have always loved to plan parties and make them fun. One way to make a Halloween party fun for kids is GAMES! And, because I love sharing: here is a list just for you!

  1. Pin the Spider on the Web

  2. Pin the bow on Mr. Bones

  3. Pumpkin Ring Toss

  4. Pumpkin Bowling

  5. Selfe Scavenger Hunts (for teens)

  6. Spider Races

  7. Monster Roar Contest

  8. Dance Competition

What is your favorite game to play at a party?

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