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Hair Goals Update #2

Back in January I posted about my hair goals. I had been working on washing less and air drying more. In March I had an update and I felt like I was getting somewhere. I was washing every third day. I went back to using my blow dryer on wash days because I just didn’t have time to let it air dry. I had been using salon quality products (I have been for years) and even some new things that I had heard about from other beauty bloggers.

April came and I saw a photo that my friend Carli posted. I was astounded. She had the hair I have been longing for. Long, healthy, full. I knew she sold Monat and decided I really needed to consider giving it a go. I took her hair quiz and got my results. I looked at all the options. And I jumped in on products that the quiz recommended.

I am happy to report that my hair is healthier! I can see a difference in the strength of the strands as I am not having as much breakage. Washings have been prolonged to every 4 days!

Some of these are affiliate links. That means I receive a small commission if you buy something from them at no cost to you.

Here is what I am using:

  1. Revive Shampoo: this is from the volume line. It smells amazing.

  2. Revitalize Conditioner: This is also from the volume line.

  3. Black Shampoo + Conditioner: I use this once a week when I do an oil treatment and then I use the above shampoo and conditioner.

  4. Rejuvabeads: The split end mender. Ladies, this is golden. It bonds those split ends back to the hair shaft to help it last longer to grow longer. I use this on my wet hair after I shower and wash.

  5. Blow Out Cream: This goes on after the Rejuvabeads before I use the hair dryer. It has heat protectant in it, it reduces blow dry time, it does NOT weigh my hair down at all.

  6. Rejuveniqe Oil: Liquid holy grail in a bottle. This is a hair oil that has 13+ natural plant and essential oils and it is rich in omega fatty acids. I use this once a week to do a scalp oil treatment. I will also use it on the ends occasionally when they feel dry between washes. You don’t need a lot, just one drop will do the trick for that.

  7. Hairspray: I haven’t had to use hairspray very much to get my hair to hold its style (unlike before). I just have been having to use it to control those baby hairs that are growing back from my post-pregnancy last year.

  8. Conditioning Dry Shampoo: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dry shampoo. It conditions your hair as well as absorbing the oil as you need it. I only have to use it on day 3 around my face since that is closest to my makeup and gets greasy the fastest.

While it looks like a lot of products, they aren’t all used every day. In fact Some are used once a week, most twice a week depending on my washing cycles.

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