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Hair Goals Update

In the last two months, I have kept using Monat products. I love the way my hair feels.

I wash my hair every 5th day. I have my hair trained so I don’t even need to use dry shampoo! Now that colder, dryer weather is here I am starting to add a new hydrating shampoo and conditioner to my hair.

Some of these are affiliate links. That means I receive a small commission if you buy something from them at no cost to you.

Shampoos & Conditioners I use on rotation:

  1. Restructure Pre-Wash Conditioner with Restructure Shampoo

  2. Revive Shampoo with Revitalize Conditioner

  3. Black Shampoo & Conditioner with Intense Repair Conditioner

  4. Super Nourish Oil Crème Shampoo with Super Nourish Oil Crème Conditioner

  5. Colour Enhance Perfectly Platinum Shampoo with Colour Enhance Perfectly Platinum Conditioner

I try to use a different set each time I wash, but for a couple of weeks after getting my hair colored I will use the restructure line to help my hair stay healthy. The Super Nourish Oil Crème is new and is what I am using this winter to help my hair be nourished.

In Disneyland last week… day 3 since washing. No dry shampoo or touching with heat to style.

If I have to use dry shampoo I use Monat’s. It is perfection in a bottle. Not flammable (most other dry shampoos are!), doesn’t make my hair feel like I have dry shampoo in it.

I feel like my hair hasn’t been breaking off and I can see length coming in as it grows out. It makes me so happy. I cannot wait to have longer hair.

I have also been trying to not heat style my hair as much. I will use my hair dryer on my roots to get volume, and then use a curling brush by Hot Tools that day… From there on out it is rare for me to touch it with heat again. Occasionally I have to fix a spot, but for the most part it is set to go for a few days.

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