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Hair Goals

Do you ever look at photos from a couple years prior and think, “what products was I using on my hair? How did I get it to do that?” I am not the only one! Great!

Before deep conditioning treatment

After deep conditioning treatment

In April of last year I had a babe. You may have seen him on here or on Instagram. Before I got pregnant with Oliver I had GREAT hair. But since becoming pregnant and now nursing him, my hair has taken quite a beating. It is dry. It is breaking. It is growing SO SLOW. I want to get it back to healthy, grow it out more, stop the breakage. Here are some of the things I am doing to get there:

  1. Air Dry: I am trying my hardest (and succeeding most days) to air dry my hair on days I wash it.

  2. Washing less: Right around Thanksgiving I decided I needed to give my hair a break. So I washed it on a Monday and decided to go two more days before washing it again. So I would wash in on Thursday. It took a little to get my hair on board and not get greasy. But, washing less means those natural oils get to repair my hair.

  3. Products: Argan Oil (ad link)on my ends after I wash it. I will also use this if the ends are feeling dry at night. That lets it soak in while I sleep and moisturize it. Heat Protectant: (ad link) I may not use a hair dryer as much, but I still put a protectant on my hair for when I do use heat.

  4. Silk Pillow Case: (ad link) I have been using a satin or silk pillow case for 20 years. It is so good for your hair because your hair doesn’t get caught in it and have more tangles. Both of my girls use silk pillow cases too.

What are you doing to have healthy hair? What is your tried and true products that you love? I really want to know!

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