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Gratitude Unfiltered

Last month I ordered the cutest little book to record my daily gratitude. I added it to my morning routine and I have loved it. Each day this month I recorded things I am thankful for. It's just a little list of three things. Some days are deep and insightful, others are easy and something that seems insignificant.

Today I am still riding on my gratitude high from yesterday. Even Sunday when my In-Laws had Thanksgiving dinner and we all went around to say what we are grateful for I was filled, life was good, nothing was negative.

As I have reflected over the last year I have quite a bit to be grateful for. I have had a few trials. I have had a few heartbreaks. I have had to grow as a person and sometimes it is hard to do.

I am thankful for Scott. I know this seems status quo, but it isn't. I am grateful to Scott for pushing me to be better. He has asked me to make some changes to help our relationship be better and stronger. I have asked him to make changes and see him working on them, so I am grateful. I am grateful he chooses me and our family to be his.

I am grateful for Courtney. She has been so helpful, so kind and so willing to learn this year. Watching her grow has been such a delight. I am grateful I have one more year at home with her, I am treasuring it.

Alex has always been my favorite little boy. Watching him navigate some difficult school work and advocating for himself has been so many pride filled moments for me. I love watching him become his own person. He is the best big brother to Claire and Oliver. I could watch him cuddle with them and run and play with them every day.

Claire has become so much fun. As Scott said on Sunday "Claire's brain is exploding in learning" and it is so cool to watch her "GET" things like reading and math. I love hearing her read and seeing her figure out how to spell. I'm also super grateful for all day kindergarten.

Oliver. I am so happy to have time each day just the two of us. I am treasuring this time with him as a little kid. I love his imagination and watching him play. I am also grateful for two mornings a week at preschool with his teacher (whom deserves sainthood for her patience with him) and classmates. I love that we have the ability to let him learn.

I am grateful to those I work with. This year has been incredible for me in terms of growth and connections. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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