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Girls Night Out

Planning an event is not as easy as one would think! There are a lot of moving parts, a lot of people to communicate with and a lot of ideas!

I am so excited for the boutique I am hosting next week. There are going to be so many amazing vendors, delicious food, giveaways and shopping. In my mind it is girlfriends hanging out and enjoying a night out without kids. In my dreams there is a lot of laughter, memories and happiness.

I am still working on the decor and layout for the boutique. I have some gorgeous pennant banners I made that are white lace, I want to get more lights to hang, the table Scott made me is going to be perfect for food & drinks. I just don’t know exactly how I will make it all tie in. Scott will be amazing and make things work just how I want them to be.

The vendors I have are incredible women who are entrepreneurs in their own daily life! The shopping will have amazing deals from: Ruby Ribbon, Maskcara, doTERRA, ColorStreet, Chalk Couture, Monat, Wink, Photography, Twirl in Pink, Usborne Books, and Teeth Whitening!

I would love to have you come to the boutique! I have 5 tickets left to give to you my dear readers! If you are in Utah and would like to come to the event, click HERE and get your ticket with the discount code THENEST.

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